Get Familiar With Upcoming Artist Justin S. Grant!

Whether one is a fan of pop or rock, rap or electronic music, American singer-songwriter Justin S. Grant will definitely provide something suitable to listen to. By coming to light with his debut release called “Don’t go,” Grant quickly transformed the music scene into a space where no restrictions and limits would apply. Taking open-mindness, inclusiveness, and innovative thinking as a basis for his music creation process, the artist does a perfect job at treating his fans with quality music by mixing different styles, genres, and thematics. 

Grant has implemented his “no limit” approach to other spheres of his career as well. From studying creative writing to being certified as an engineer, it seems like Justin S. Grant knows it all about trying new things and making the best out of every situation and experience. 

Following his successful debut single, Grant released a number of other well-performed songs such as the cover version of “Let it Be” and a number of original songs: “Run Away,” “Naked Night,” “@ddicted To Mi Phone,” and so much more. 

Based on his rich life experience and academic background, Grant does a perfect job at not only producing modern music, but also putting all of his skills into the writing process itself, creating contemporary sounds accompanied by deep and sincere lyrics. 

Taking 2021 as the beginning of his music career, this promising artist has a full potential of starting something meaningful and lasting, hopefully transforming the field into a fun place full of mixtures and out-of-the-box ideas. 

Justin S. Grant: Instagram - Website - YouTube

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