Get To Know Jackboy Marley!

Jackboy Marley from Fort Worth, Texas has been in the music industry for 10 years. He started his journey as a member of ‘New Era Jackboys’ before starting his solo career. Jackboy Marley’s solo career has brought him a lot of great opportunities so far. His music has been played on Tricoastal Radio and Blackheart Radio. Jackboy Marley has also had the chance to work with a few well known producers such as Boye Kenyatta, Fido and Ayo 3rd.

He has made it very clear this is just the beginning for him... he has hopes and dreams to one day be one of the greatest in the game with a huge focus on having a strong connection with his fans while producing high quality music for them. He also hopes one day to own his own record label so he can experience all parts of the music industry since music has been his passion for as long as he can remember.

One of his biggest strengths and something that sets him apart from other artists is his versatility. When asked “What is your style of music?” he replied “all styles. I want to incorporate and try them all.” Jackboy is striving to be labeled as unique, different and original through his music and any other projects he may find himself doing in the future.

Jackboy Marley is releasing his newest album “The ER” on June 28th 2021 and still promoting his music video for “What” on YouTube as well. Jackboy Marley is very excited for his fans to finally listen to his latest project since he put a lot of work and time into it. When I asked “Who would you say your competition is? And, who or what pushes you each day to be your best?” He replied “My competition is myself, to be better than the old me, to be more productive than I was the day before and to be successful before times up.”

Until next time, a message from Jackboy Marley to his fans “believe in yourself or no one else will.” Be sure to check out Jackboy Marley on all his social media platforms listed above to stay up to date and don’t forget to keep streaming his latest work “The ER.”

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