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Get To Know Baby Zé

Baby Zé Set To Release Upcoming Single “TAKEOFF”

For up-and-coming artist Baby Zé, knowledge is power. That’s the vehicle upon which he entered the music world, and that’s exactly how he plans on scaling his climb to the top. Born and raised in DC, the artist only just started making music back in 2018, but his inspiration and influences originate from his childhood experiences with music, from getting comfortable with the drums and piano, to playing instruments in grade school, to participating in his high school concert band. Now, Baby Zé is laying the groundwork for the music career he’s spent years architecting, and fans will bear witness to the continued breakthrough of his self-described swag rap/trap rap style in his upcoming single “TAKEOFF”.

Baby Zé wasn’t always known as an artist. When he moved to Atlanta in 2017, he was a videographer and photographer. “Just to be around,” he adds. “I wasn’t an artist yet, but I knew that’s what I wanted to be… I just knew I had to continue to be around other musical creatives in order to soak up knowledge and learn the craft.” That knowledge brought Baby Zé to his foundation. For him, it was about planning. “[I] started creating and learning music in 2018, but I don’t feel like I really entered the industry until recently,” he reflects. “Everything before was just preparation.”

The real importance, as it always is for Baby Zé, lies in the knowledge— and that’s the advice he gives other up-and-coming artists. “I think the most necessary form of giving back is knowledge,” he says. “The goal for me is to spread knowledge across my community. Knowledge is the foundation for growth, and growth is what we need to prevail inside and outside of our community.”

As alluded to in its title, “TAKEOFF” is about the artist’s launch into the music industry— an exciting new phase of his career. “This new season of actually pushing my music harder than I have before,” he describes the story behind the song. “Taking off into a new and improved sound.” Making music that can crossover audiences, leveling up, and eventually starting his own label while retaining as much control and ownership over his work are his goals. His developed sound and upcoming drops are what he plans will take him up to the B then A-list scales.“If you want it, work for it,” Baby Zé asserts. “It’s that simple.”

Look out for Baby Zé’s upcoming single “TAKEOFF” and stream the rest of his discography on all platforms! Be sure to follow Baby Zé on Instagram @itsbabyze and his Facebook, Baby Zé Music, to keep up with him and all his latest/upcoming work as he continues to make his way up to the top!

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