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NEW ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Get Familiar With Cam Will

Cam Will Is Up Next After Releasing New Project Separation Summer 

Cam Will's latest album, Separation Summer, is now streaming on all digital streaming platforms. The standout song of the project is “All Day,” produced by Grammy nominated producer Bizness Boi.

Rising artist Cam Will just dropped his latest project called Separation Summer. The 7-track project showcases Cam Will’s sound as an artist, cementing him as someone to take seriously and defining him as a musician who brings something new to the game. The Milwaukee native (currently still resides there), first found his love for music in his hometown. 

Before committing himself to a music career, Cam Will played soccer and was an athlete for many years. In a recent interview, he opened up about his humble beginnings and what led him to find a path in music.

“I’ve always had a real passion for [music],” Cam Will said in a recent interview. “Soccer has always been my number one and still finds its way back in -- but music has always been there. I put my first song out my sophomore year of high school right after I got my license. I drove my hand-me-down Volvo that I used house paint on to try and cover the rust to this guy's house to record my first song in his basement and we released it the next day. I remembered how embarrassed I was when anyone would play it because of how bad it was. But that feeling made me want to be the best at it because I hate being bad at anything.”

Cam says that his exposure to music early on made him more applicable to different genres of music. His sound is really “indefinable” since it blends and melds genres. Cam Will says that he has too "many ideas and flows and vocal executions in [his] head for [him] to tie [himself] down to one sound." 

Cam's standout single from the project is definitely, "All Day," produced by Bizness Boi. The track is an example of Cam Will’s diverse sound and adaptability as an artist. The single can be described as a hip-hop and R&B blend that creates a mesmerizing fusion -- an anthem that is about love, riding with your dawg, and “doing anything for your shawty.” It’s an upbeat bop that’s definitely something anyone can ride to in their cars and serves as the perfect summer anthem.

"All Day," features a different "vocal execution," which has become a standard for Cam. His diverse flow is what sets him apart. Seen in past tracks like "Bad Influence," "Enough," and "Vibes," Cam puts on display a different cadence and delivery each time that keeps audiences on their toes.

His newest project is no different and continues to showcase his versatility as an artist. Separation Summer is filled with distinct tracks that each have a clear and vibrant sound, captivating audiences with hard-hitting melodies and catchy lyrics. Cam Will's 7-track project is not only a vibe, but to Cam, it is a state of mind. 

Separation Summer stands for the mindset I plan to be in for a long time,” he said. “I’m here to compete and have fun while doing it.”

Be sure to tap in with Cam Will Via social media IG: @_camwill Twitter: @thecamwill and Youtube as he is gearing up to drop a bunch of visuals this year. 

Check out Cam Will's new project Separation Summer on Spotify and Apple Music.

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