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Get Familiar with Lvcky...Artists You Should Know About!

Doing something new on my blog, giving you some new music and artists you should definitely be on the look out for!

Today introducing you to Lvcky

Lvcky Describes his sound as Melodic

All artists create their stage name in different ways, as for Lvcky he got his name from the movie, Paid in Full. He describes his sound as a melodic rap and tells us that knowing how to play the pains had given him an ear for sound. Lvcky has been writing music since he was 16 and continues to write all his songs. 

Music can be therapeutic for listeners and he explains how he created music for people to relate to it. Many people believe Lvcky sounds like Drake due to his flow. Those who have inspired Lvcky and his music are Drake, Meek Mill and Jcole. He states how he can rap like each of them, making him stand out from other artists. As an independent artist from Crenshaw, Los Angeles he hopes to be an influential artist. His motivation comes from his struggles and “seeing his parents work and make a way when there wasn’t”.

Lvcky doesn’t state any specifics as to what the fans should expect, but he does state that new music and videos will be coming out. He’s released three EPs in the last two years, you can stream his music on all streaming platforms.

“I’m 21 years old looking for a breakthrough in the music game ready to work nonstop to be the best artist out”.

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