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Santa Jaws, A Film About A Killer Shark In A Santa Hat, Is On Amazon Now

Santa Jaws, A Film About A Killer Shark In A Santa Hat, Is Streaming On Amazon Now



Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water for a Christmas dip, there’s a film about a killer shark in a Santa hat namedSanta Jawsand it’s swimming into Amazon Prime.

Released in 2018,Santa Jawsis definitely the kind of film you take with a pinch of salt and one that you should expect all levels of ridiculousness from.

Who hasn’t watched a pile of fresh Christmas garbage and thought: this needs more shark. Fortunately the execs behind Santa Jawsdid, and for some, Christmas has been saved.

The synopsis for the movie reads:

Cody is an aspiring comic book artist who happens to be gifted a pen which changes reality, as he first drawsSanta Jawsmaking it come to life as Cody’s family and friends are picked off . First no one believes him but soon his remaining family and friends find out it’s true and race to battle for survival! Who will win?

One Rotten Tomatoes reviewer wrote, ‘It asks so little and gives so much. Thanks, Santa Jaws.’ Another person said, ‘A fairly decent horror comedy with a hilarious sense of humor about itself [sic].’

An IMDd reviewer definitely wasn’t a fan, however. They wrote, ‘This ridiculous action horror/comedy for the tween set makes the “Sharknado” movies look like Oscar winners. Why are there so many positive reviews for this Jingle Bells trash?’

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