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Max Ehrich Slams Ex Demi Lovato for Letting Her Fans Bully and Harass Him

Demi was frustrated with her ex going ham about their split -- she LEAKED her new n=breakup song. "Still Have Me."

The ‘Young and the Restless’ actor accuses his former fiancee of allowing her fans to attack him and his mother on the internet following their bitter separation.

“Stop harassing my Mom with text messages all throughout the night,” he wrote. “Stop harassing me. Leave us alone.”

He also appeared to slam reports about the separation, citing the claims of alleged insiders, adding, “Who are these ‘sources’? Stop trying to defamate (sic) me for telling the truth.”

Just hours before, Max POSTED a cryptic message that seemed to indicate he is moving on, writing, “One chapter finally closed this am (morning). And now I turn the page. Focused on wellness, love, God, my family, friends and my art. Good vibes only.”

He also claimed he was “not interested in attention” surrounding his personal life and wanted to focus on his work.

In what seemed to be an address to his pop star ex, he added, “If you’re going to preach about anti-bullying- Why would you allow someone you love(d) to be bullied by your fans? For what….? Telling the truth?”

Demi has long been an anti-bullying campaigner, launching an initiative with the brand Secret Deodorant back in 2012.

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