America REALLY Doesn’t Want To See The Warriors Win The NBA Finals Again


While the Dubs have created a dynasty by winning three of four championships, with a shot to make it four in five, it seems as though that team that started as an underdog years ago has finally reached Patriots-like level hate, with an overwhelming majority of America hoping that the team’s run comes to an end this year. No, seriously, just take a look at the map below to see how many people are rooting for the Raptors in the NBA Finals. For those not too familiar with geography, that U.S. map shows that just two states are cheering for the Warriors, their home state of California and Nevada. Not sure why anyone in Nevada would want the Dubs to win — given the betting odds are so poor — but, hey, the two states touch, so maybe there are just a lot of Warriors fans there. The map is based on geotagged data from Twitter that examines how often fan hashtags such as #WeTheNorth for the Raptors and #DubNation for the Warriors are used in each state.

It’s hard to say from Twitter data why there is so much more excitement surrounding the Raptors, but it’s not too surprising that the nation would like to see someone other than the Warriors win the title.

Forty-seven of the 50 states (and presumably all of Canada) are rooting for the Raptors, but California, Nevada, and Hawaii are rooting for the Warriors, according to BetOnline.

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