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James Charles has lost 2 million subscribers since his feud with Tati

It all started earlier last month when James posted an Instagram Story promoting the Kardashians' favourite Sugar Bear Hair vitamins. A few hours later, Tati uploaded a series of emotional Instagram stories, where she tearfully explained that she felt"really used".

"When you do things for people in your life and they not only don't return the favour but they don't even see you. I get it, like I fucking get it. I'm just so upset.I feel really used and that's the bad part of Hollywood.Welcome to show business,everybody says what they need to say, and uses who they need to use to get ahead,and I have had about enough. It's not right."

As Tati owns her own beauty supplement company called Halo Beauty, it didn't take long for fans to realise that Tati was indirectly referencing James supporting her brands biggest competitor.

In response, James did not take down the Sugar Bear Hair promotion, but instead posted a statement directly apologising to Tati on his Instagram Stories. Claiming that he was not paid for the promotion, despite labelling it #ad.

On Friday night Tati finally responded with a video that's so shocking, the Internet believes it might well just end James' career.

The video starts with clips of Tati supporting James through the years before she explains that this is going to be "intense" and "different" to her usual makeup review videos.

She starts off by claiming that James lied to her about his partnership with Sugar Bear hair because "he knew" it would hurt her, having previously claimed he couldn't promote Halo Beauty on his channel because it wouldn't be appropriate for his teenage audience.

“When you pair up with my number one competitor it’sembarrassing to me. Is it going to crush my business, no? But it’s embarrassing."

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