2 men arrested, taking turns shooting each other in a bulletproof vest


The two were drinking on a back porch Sunday when they decided to take turns wearing a bulletproof vest and shooting each other, according to a police document.

Charles Eugene Ferris, 50, was on the back deck of his Arkansas home in the US having a few drinks with his neighbour Christopher Hicks on Sunday afternoon, according to a Benton County police report.

It was there, police allege a rather bizarre series of events unfolded.

They say Ferris was wearing the vest and told the 36-year-old to shoot him in the chest.

So, as was requested of him, Hicks raised the .22-caliber semi-automatic rifle and fired.

The bullet hit Ferris in the top left corner of his chest, and while it didn’t penetrate the vest, he was left in a world of pain.

To even up the ledger, they swapped roles.

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