Yabba Dabba booooo? California town sues over 'Flintstone House'

Neighbors of a San Francisco-area home known for its prehistoric theme are up in arms over the lengths in which its homeowner has gone to cement its look.

Known in Hillsborough as "The Flintstone House" because of its similarity to the classic cartoon, has a "yabba dabba doo" sign in its front yard and its rounded, colorful facade looks like Fred and Wilma's homestead.

Large brown dinosaurs and statues of Flintstones characters have been added to the property over the last year

Attempts by the city to contact the homeowner, Florence Fang, have been unsuccessful.

"I sent her a letter back in January, which she ignored," Mark Hudak, assistant city attorney, said. "And therefore, we had to file a lawsuit because it was clear she was not going to remove any of this work."

Fang has reportedly tried to now apply for permits, but the city wants everything removed to start with a fresh slate.

The Morning Madhouse

The Morning Madhouse

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