Everywhere You Can Get Cheap Pizza and Pie for Pi Day

Strawhat pizza in Gilroy & Watsonvile has

3.14 off off any large or bigger pizza


The deal:Order a whole pizza via 7-Eleven's 7NOW and it'll be -- get this -- $3.14. There are delivery charges, but your first three deliveries when you start an account are free. Also, in-store, you can get a 50-cent slice of pizza if you're a 7Rewards member. (You also get a bunch of bonus points if you order the whole pizza in-store.) 

When: March 14. Blaze Pizza

The deal: Buy through the chain's app and you can get a pizza for $3.14.

When: March 14


The deal: All day long, you can buy one thin-crust pizza and get another for $3.14. Plus, if you're a Pie Life Member, you'll get $2 in your account that can be used on your next visit. It's kind of like getting the second pizza for $1.14. Kind of.

When: March 14

BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse

The deal: When you're dining in, you can grab a mini one-topping pizza for $3.14. Unfortunately, the deal won't be around for 3.14 days. It's only available for one day.

When: March 14

Mountain Mike's Pizza

The deal: Take $5 off any Mountain-size pizza with the code "079984" or $3 off any large pizza with the code "317445."

When: March 14

Pie Deals for Pi Day

Whole Foods

The deal: Stop into Amazon Groceries and you'll get $3.14 off a whole large bakery pie while supplies last. 

When: March 14

California Pizza Kitchen

The deal: Get a slice of key lime pie for $3.14 because, you know, Pi Day. The deal isn't valid at stadiums or airports or if you're ordering through a delivery app. 

When: March 14

The Morning Madhouse

The Morning Madhouse

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