Colin Kaepernick Looking To Trademark "I'm With Kap" For Clothing Line!

Kap may be turning his situation into some big business for himself, as he is looking to trademark "I'm with Kap" for some merch! More so, a clothing line.

The hashtag #imwithkap took off on social media ever since he became blackballed from the NFL after silently protesting the National Anthem - kneeling during the anthem before every game to protest police brutality and injustice against African Americans in America. Celebrities like G Eazy, Kenny Stills and Harry Belafonte began rocking "I'm With Kap" on shirts and it really took off!

Kaepernick has filed paperwork in Cali to own the slogan to use for shirts, hoodies, caps & other apparel. There's even talk that major brands like Adidas and Puma may be making a move to sign Kap in the future. So trademarking this could mean some serious cash for him!! Not that he's super desperate for it, he reportedly made over $40 mil in contract money alone during his NFL career.

#IMWITHKAP, and i'm also with Kap's future clothing line. :)

Lizette Love

Lizette Love

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