PIC: I Took My Son On Disneyland's Splash Mountain For The First Time

I'm finally back home from vacation and with that, of course, comes some great memorable pictures..like this one in particular. LOL I surprised my son with a weekend at Disneyland in California with my sisters and all his cousins there..and this time around (unlike his first time a Disney a few years ago), he was actually tall enough to get on some of the GOOD rides. He was SO excited! Him and my niece saw Splash Mountain and were so excited to be going on a big kid ride. Me and my sister showed them the drop from outside before we got in line like "are you SURE you want to go on this?" The two of them, having never been on a ride like that before, were like UM YES. So..*shoulder shrug*..we're like okay, let's go!

Fast forward 20-30 mins (YAAASS FAST PASS) we hop in the log. Kids are still excited. Ride starts. We hit the first drop. Jelani is still having fun. My niece starts freaking out, but it wasn't too bad. Second drop hits in a dark tunnel where no one was expecting it. Jelani got a little freaked out but was still having fun (or acting like it at least lol). My niece is a whole different story. She's on the verge of tears and wants off the ride. We're like look kid...we're already on it..there's no going back..she's freaking out and mad at her mom. my sister, for not holding her down during that last drop because while my sister was holding on for dear life, my niece almost flew out the log lmao. Here it comes. The last drop. THE BIG ONE. I hold my son down. My sister holds down my niece with one hand and holds the rail with the other. Utter terror in the both of them LOL!

Check out Jelani, complete fear. I don't think I've ever seen his eyes so big.

My niece, Kianna...literal tears. She literally cried.

It's been a whole week and I still can't stop laughing when I see their faces. LMAO!!!

Lizette Love

Lizette Love

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