Did Nicki Minaj Shade Cardi & Offset's Relationship With These Tweets?

Nicki Minaj took to Twitter over the weekend to get some things off her chest. Quick vent session. We all do it. While she may have been speaking in general and just from her past experiences, many were quick to point out that she, coincidentally, sounded like she was taking some quick shots at Cardi B & her relationship with Offset! Nicki revealed to fans that she's actually been proposed to THREE times and was asked by 4 different boyfriends to have a child together..but the cheating & abusive nature is NOT worth flashing a ring on the gram, telling her fans, "know your worth."


Nicki's tweets must have hit a nerve with Offset, because he started letting off on Twitter too..and there's no way these aren't in response to Nicki..like what are the chances he just started randomly tweeting this?!?!


Like I said, no one is actually sure Nicki was throwing shade at Cardi & Offset's relationship..but hey if the shoe fits!

Lizette Love

Lizette Love

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