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Nashville Woman Goes Viral After Using Youtube To Deliver Her Own Baby

A woman by the name of Tia Freeman recently shared her birthstory, and it is so unbelievably outrageous that she has gone VIRAL! Seriously, her birth story is insane, she is a BEAST! LOL!

"I still really don’t understand what’s so shocking about my delivery story. Lol maybe it’ll set in one day," she said on Twitter.

I really don't think you guys are ready to hear how this all went down, it seriously sounds like a movie..but's all real. Tia delivered her baby in foreign country in her hotel room during her layover..HER FREAKING LAYOVER..with the help of YouTube, her shoe laces she had, and a knife!

Well, Xavier Ata Freeman, you are going to have one hell of an amazing story to tell about how you were born when you grow up! LOL

She also dropped her cashapp because we all know babies aren't cheap, especially the ones that are THIS unexpected!! LOL

If you want to cashapp Tia some baby funds, CLICK HERE.

I'd like to reiterate to you, Tia, that you are a f*cking beast, you are amazing, I'm SO glad you and the baby are safe & healthy!

I wish you the best! Welcome to the mom club!

Side note: this is the birth control she was using that she still got pregnant on in case any one else uses this and wants to explore other options lmao

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