Woman's Selfie Video Captures A Man Slipping Something In Her Drink!

We ALWAYS hear NEVER to leave your drink unattended at any and every type of social gathering, do not accept drinks from strangers, etc. Which I feel many of us are pretty good at! But who knew we literally need to start putting sippy cup lids on our drinks because even though this drink is in this woman's hand, some sick POS still found the opportunity to slip something in her cup without her noticing until she looked back on selfie video she was taking at the time!


How much more careful do we need to be, seriously?! This is ridiculous. Shout out to this woman who still posted this video up online, it needs to be seen. You can never be too careful with your drink, eyes on it at ALL times!

Lizette Love

Lizette Love

Originally from the West Coast -- I'm 28, Pisces, a mommy, latina. I LOVE Rihanna, Dr. Pepper & tacos. Probably the only person on earth with no tattoos and I carried hot sauce in my bag YEARS before Beyonce made it cool. #swag Read more


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