Fish Pedicures Spreading HIV & Hep C?

Alarming reports by major news outlets have circulated that receiving a fish pedi from a fish foot spa could actually spread diseases like the HIV AND Hepititis C.

BUT BEFORE YOU START FREAKING OUT...according to, fish pedis are actually unlikely to spread infection & cause such diseases. They reported that these major news sources actually twisted the words of the set of recommendations from the HPA, and there are, in fact, no known cases of HIV infection due to the use of fish spas, or from any other water-borne route.


According to, 

"An infected client would need to bleed from an open cut, abrasion or wound into the water, and then another client would need to also have an open cut, abrasion or wound for the infected blood to enter his or her bloodstream. Importantly, the concentration of virus would be substantially reduced by the diluting effect of the water.

If virus contaminated a fish’s mouth, it would be unlikely to remain on the mouth and thus to effect a transmission to the next client. Moreover, a fish cannot itself be infected with the humanimmunodeficiency virus (and there is no 'fish equivalent' of HIV).

Overall, the HPA describes the risk of blood-borne virus infection as “extremely low”, although it cannot be completely excluded."

In conclusion, assuming you trust that your fish spa is keeping up with cleaning the water, tanks, etc., KEEP ON WITH THE FISH PEDIS! You shouldn't have anything to worry about.

Lizette Love

Lizette Love

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