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Flooded Cars From Hurricane Harvey & Irma Are Coming Into Middle Tennessee

If you are in the market for buying a new car (I'm sure most of us are, HELLOOO TAX SEASON!!), the Tennessee Motor Vehicle Commission is warning everyone to be on the look out for damaged/flooded many cars affected by Hurricane Harvey & Irma are finding their way into Middle TN.

Many of these cars and trucks are being deemed damaged by salt water, which is different from being damaged by fresh water. Fresh water damaged cars can be rebuilt, where as salt water can corrode and eat away at the car's body & operating components, even AFTER attempting to clean and repair it. These cars are considered a "total loss" and SHOULD NOT be re-sold to anyone!! Who wants to deal with these problems?!


They don't care about the problems these cars will cause you or the dangers it will be to you and your family, they just want to make a quick buck!

Here are a few ways to spot a flooded vehicle:

- a musty smell

- damp carpets

- mud/silt under the seats

- ALWAYS attempt to recover the vehicle history before purchasing

For more ways to spot a damaged/flooded vehicle CLICK HERE.

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