WATCH: Kevin Hart Caught Getting Denied By Security On National TV

Why did Kevin Hart take so many L's last night?! LOL FIRST he accidentally dropped the F bomb on live TV...


AND THEN..he got caught trying to get on stage after Philly's win and got completely shut down by security..ON NATIONAL TELEVISION LMAO!

Now, mind you, Kev is one of the biggest stars to come out of naturally he wanted to be there for his teams win and was EXTRA juiced when they came out on top..OF COURSE he wanted in on the celebration..but DAMN why security do Kevin like that LMAO they could've at least had the decency to do it OFF camera..


The only upside is that maybe he was so drunk he didn't remember this happening when he woke up this morning, right?

The downside, is that even if he did forget about this...Twitter is SURE going to remind him about it. Twitter is ruthless. They aren't going to let him live this one down..and it's hilarious. LMAO!

Lizette Love

Lizette Love

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