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WATCH: Amber Rose Shows Off Her New Breasts After Reduction Surgery!

About a week & a half ago Amber Rose announced that she was ready to undergo some breast reduction surgery..something she had been talking about doing for the longest!


NYLON Young Hollywood Party At AVENUE Los Angeles

WELL, she did it. & is SO HAPPY with her results.

She took to her IG story yesterday to update fans and let everyone know she is recovering well. "So I don't know if you guys know but I was like a 36H, um, I was really really big," she said in a video on Instagram. "..and I think now I might actually just be a D cup, which is like, really small for me." She continued letting everyone know that she is SO excited to be smaller chested that, even though she's still recovering, she's ALREADY been online shopping for some cute new tops!

Check out her video below!

We're so happy surgery went well and happy to see she's recovering nicely.

Congrats on the new girls, Amber!

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