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Eric Garner's Mother Reveals She Can't Forgive Cops For Taking Her Son

New Series “Two Sides” Examines The Lives & Legacies Of Those Who Died In Police Custody & Sparked Social Change

The mother of Eric Garner, who was murdered in the middle of an arrest three years ago, revealed she still struggles with forgiving officers for taking her son's life.

“I pray every night to forgive,” Gwen Carr said of her son Eric Garner’s death. “Because you have to forgive for yourself. But when someone takes your child away, it’s so hard. I pray to God every night to forgive me because I haven’t forgiven them.”

Garner's final words, which were caught on video, "I can't breathe" ignited protests against police brutality around the world.

Carr said the lack of accountability in the death of Garner, a married father, makes it even worse.

“Maybe in time when justice comes,” she said, “I will have a better sense of forgiveness in my heart. Because there has been no justice.”

Garner's life, death and the protests that followed is actually what sparked "Two Sides", which examines the cases of Eric Garner, John Crawford, Sandra Bland & Ezell Ford, airing Jan. 22 on TV One.


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