There Is No Jewelry Allowed In The West Mansion!

New mansion, new policy...NO JEWELRY ALLOWED!


Kim used to be so flashy with the diamonds & flashy accessories..and as hard as she's tried to move on, it's clear the Paris robbery is still heavy on her mind, as she's just enforced a new rule in her home - no jewelry is to be stored there AT ALL.

Ever since the Paris robbery she's calmed down, if not, completely stopped, being so flashy with the jewels in public and especially on social media. Have you noticed she doesn't even wear a big wedding ring anymore? Yes, her first one got stolen in Paris when she was robbed, but she never replaced it with another rock, she instead wears a subtle wedding band.


Kim decided to put this new "no jewelry" policy in place because she doesn't want to be a target and possibly robbed AGAIN, especially with her family growing. She has a new baby on the way this month via surrogate. 

According to TMZ, Kim's huge collection of jewels is being stored elsewhere, NOT in her home, and under constant supervision with crazy security measures to be able to access it. 

So this is pretty much her way of saying "NOTHING TO STEAL HERE GUYS! MOVE ALONG!" LOL


She's still taking all the necessary precautions, just because she thinks she no longer has anything worth stealing in her home, her armed security is still on guard..TWENTY FO SEVEN.

Lizette Love

Lizette Love

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