Starbucks Has A New ZOMBIE Frappuccino!

Starbucks is continuing their streak of coming out with wild drinks with this new Halloween themed Zombie Frapp!

The new Zombie frappuccino is made up of a green caramel apple base, red mocha drizzle and topped off with pink whipped cream which is SUPPOSED to kind of resemble a brain.

Earlier this year, Starbucks came out with the Unicorn frapp which totally took over every ones lives, but also got mixed was pretty though.. lol

So, would you give this new Zombie frapp a try??

Lizette Love

Lizette Love

Originally from the West Coast -- I'm 28, Pisces, a mommy, latina. I LOVE Rihanna, Dr. Pepper & tacos. Probably the only person on earth with no tattoos and I carried hot sauce in my bag YEARS before Beyonce made it cool. #swag Read more


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