L&HHATL Scrappy & Bambi Have Tied The Knot!


What a MESS it's always been with these two as they've displayed all their ups & downs on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. There's been many times where Bambi had given Scrappy ultimatums if he really wanted her to be in his life and others where she cut him off completely after he wouldn't straighten up! Even after he proposed to The Bam on "Love and Hip Hop," they called everything off, we thought it was all over! But Scrappy has clearly found his way right back up into the Bam's arms and the two have tied the knot!

The couple wed some time last week, have a marriage license and all! They have been telling close family and friends that there WILL be an actual wedding, but haven't said much about where and when. Maybe it'll be another L&HHATL wedding special!

Lizette Love

Lizette Love

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