Nashville Taco Bells Will Soon Be Serving Alcohol!

If you love Taco Bell and frozen margaritas then you are going to LOVE this, Taco Bell is literally about to start serving alcohol in select major city locations! And yes, NASHVILLE IS ONE OF THOSE MAJOR CITY LOCATIONS! Taco Tuesday is about to get REAL serious here guys..

According to reports, Taco Bell DOES have to ditch the drive-thru window (for obvious reasons), but we don't mind right?

Taco Bell plans to open 350 new "Cantina-style" locations over the next 5 years that WILL sell alcoholic beverages in major cities across the U.S. like Nashville, NY, Pittsburgh & Detroit, & more than 50 new locations will open up in Manhattan alone.

I know there's been one of these new locations open for a while in San Francisco, maybe it was some kind of test run, but my friends out there loved it when it first opened up.

Taco Bell first announced its initiative include alcohol in their menu 2015, starting with beer, wine, sangria and twisted Freezes. 

People about to be in Taco Bell like..

Lizette Love

Lizette Love

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