Jay Z Is Losing $1M A Week By Keeping 4:44 Off Spotify!

Jay Z is so rich that he is willingly losing $1M A WEEK by keeping his new album, 4:44, off Spotify..and he's completely unbothered by it.


According to XXL, Jay Z's latest project, 4:44, is currently up on iTunes & Apple Music, however, he's kept it far far away from his rival, Spotify.

"(Jay Z) would choose to frame this as potentially saying all music should be paid for and positioning his release against Spotify’s free tier,” said MIDiA Research analyst Zach Fuller. “Whether or not that argument stands up depends on who you speak to. You can commend Spotify for engendering this audience."

Do you think Hov is worried about this measley $1 million a week he's missing out on? NAH. That's peasant pocket change.


I, on the other hand, cannot pass even a quarter on the sidewalk without picking it up lmao.

Lizette Love

Lizette Love

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