Young Thug Is Claiming To Be The New 2Pac!

Young Thug recently dropped a new album "Beautiful Thugger Girls" on Thursday June 16th.

No big deal right? I sure didn't think anything of it..until he took to Twitter to announce that there was actual reasoning behind dropping his album on June 16th...


Um sorry not sorry but if anyone is the second coming of Pac it is DEFINITELY NOT YOU.

“I feel like I am the thug he didn’t get to become #SoImGoinFinishWhatHeStarted.”

We gon need you to stay far far away from what he started.

Matter of fact, you can just go ahead and take that whole album back if that's the reason you dropped it. You are NOT the second coming of Pac. Pac wouldn't wear nail polish, dresses & LED Chanel purses lmao YOU CAN KEEP ALLADAT!

Lizette Love

Lizette Love

Originally from the West Coast -- I'm 28, Pisces, a mommy, latina. I LOVE Rihanna, Dr. Pepper & tacos. Probably the only person on earth with no tattoos and I carried hot sauce in my bag YEARS before Beyonce made it cool. #swag Read more


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