Black Twitter Goes IN On Victoria's Secret For Not Fixing Black Model's Hair For Shoot

A Twitter user @CrownedByChin noticed something odd while browsing on the VS wesbite..all the models had their hair slayed..not even slayed...ACTUALLY DONE..while this black model looks like no one even attempted to tend to her head. Tweeting, "Black lives matter! Say her name! We gotta help sis out!!! VICTORIA GOT SIS F*CKED UP!" with the screen shot attached. (below)


The tweet has since been retweeted over 4000 times and Black Twitter is not amused and feels as though “we need to save her.”

You gotta admit...they DID do her kinda dirty with the hair..

Another Twitter user even brought legendary Tyra Banks into the mix, tweeting "They would've NEVER tried Tyra like this."


Another Twitter user even saw a similar situation with a different model on a different site and posted her screen grab of that as well..


Here's what others had to say about it.


Hopefully VS will hear this message loud and clear and put some RESPEK on her name next time...and hair. 

Lizette Love

Lizette Love

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