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Salinas Teen Prom Pic Goes Viral After She Recreates Prom Night For Him!

Meet Lourdes Medrano, a GORGEOUS 18 year old senior at Alvarez High School in Salinas, CA.

She posted the below pic of her & her dad on to Twitter and was completely shocked when she saw how quickly it took off, with thousands of likes and retweets! The reason why will totallyyyy make your heart melt!

She explained that her dad works 7 days a week, so he missed her entire prom night! Watching her get ready, seeing her in her dress (which is BEAUTIFUL btw), he missed it all due to his work..and because of those circumstances..he was a little upset that he didn't have any pics with his baby girl.

"My dad works so much & He didn't get to see me before prom yesterday,so I got ready again today since he was upset about no pictures", Lourdes said on Twitter.

So the next day, she got up and got ready ALL over again on a Sunday afternoon, just to take this pic with her dad and I'm sure it meant EVERYTHING to him!


Check out the pic that's gone viral below.

& Lourdes if you're reading this, you're AWESOME!! I love your heart!   

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