This Graduate Turned His Grad Photos Into Rap Album Covers!

Talk about creativity! This recent college grad by the name of Mark Phillips decided he didn't want to just take any ordinary graduation pics, he didn't want his to look like everyone else' he took a different route.

"I wanted to be creative with these graduation pictures while also thanking a few of my favorite artists," he said in an Instagram post, "These artists kept me focused and inspired to stay on the right path while accomplishing the goals I set for myself through their music and words."

How dope did these come out, I would've never thought to do something like this for grad pics!

(Scroll through the pics below to check em out!)


He chose some great artists to follow, recreating album covers and showing love to J. Cole, Big Sean, Bryson Tiller, Logic, Drake, Chance, Lauren Hill AND OF COURSE K. DOT!

He did also take normal grad pics, but the album recreations def take the cake!


Congrats Mark!!!

Lizette Love

Lizette Love

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