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My Favorite Foods/Drinks You MUST Have Today!

Happy Cinco de Mayo! One of the many Mexican holidays we all love to celebrate. Before I jump into my favorite foods/drinks to indulge in today....let's start with what today even means. I feel like a lot of people think it's our "independence day". WRONG. Cinco de Mayo actually celebrates us defeating the French in the Battle of Puebla. K? K. Our independence day is actually in Sepetember. :)


I LOVE Mexican food and can majority of the time only cook Mexican dishes lol (thank you mom). I feel like growing up, anything we ate that wasn't mexican my dad cooked. Otherwise if my mom was cooking, you can guarantee it was a mexican dish! And of course, I learned my cooking from my mama. ;)

Remember, everyone makes their dishes differently, so if this isn't how you make your food..don't judge. lol

So lets jump right into it! All my favs you must have today if you're celebrating Cinco de Mayo!

First things first, mexicans LOVE our cervesa! LOL

1. Chavelas!

I've learned since moving around that what I know as a chavela isn't even called a chavela to most people.. many also call it a michelada but it's pretty much the same thing. For those who don't know it's basically a mexican bloody mary! You have your Clamato (tomato juice), beer (corona, modelo, tecato all work best, to me at least), I also like to put chardonnay in mine, sometimes tequila, pour over ice, squeeze some lime or lemon, rim with salt, garnish with a carrot, celery, and shrimp! Top with tajin and tapatio. IT'S AMAZING.

2. Margaritas are always welcome to the party. We all know what those are. ;) LOL


OH MY GOD. I love Horchata. It's basically like a sweet rice water with cinnamon. So refreshing especially when it's hot!

4. Tacos! & not from Taco Bell.

I'm talking about the REAL tacos. Tacos de pollo, de asada, de carnitas, I WANT IT ALL. Stuff your carne into a corn tortilla (pause...), I like to double the tortilla because it will rip pretty easily lol top with chopped cilantro & onion, salsa, & lime! Shout out to you if you know and love THESE kind of tacos...hard shell? Cool. But ask any mexican, those aren't REAL tacos.

5. Ceviche de camaron!

You guys, seafood lovers, you will LOVE ceviche. Everyone makes it different, everyone has their own recipe and their own mix of fish they like to throw in...I'm pretty lazy so I like to only stick with camaron (shrimp). Sometimes I'm feeling fancy and I'll throw in some crab LOL. I like to use those small salad shrimps, I buy frozen and defrost, chop up some cucumber, onion, tomato, cilantro, use LOTS of lime to soak up the fishy taste of the shrimp, salt to taste, DONE. Super easy. Spoon it onto a tostada, add some slices of avacado & top with tapatio.

6. Homemade salsa. You can put it on everything. It's errythang.

7. Carne Asada Fries.

The above will absolutely change your life. They're kind of like nachos, but instead of use french fries! Fry them up, top with your chopped steak, salsa, guac, sour cream, jalapenos, cheese, whatever your little heart desires. I'm telling you. LIFE. CHANGING.

Get creative with your cooking today! Try making some taquitos for the first time, tostadas de pollo, don't forget the rice!

I'd love to share my recipes with you all if you want to try any of these today! Don't be shy to hit me up!

P.S. I don't share my take advantage of today's offer.

Have fun today, be safe, love you all! XOXO

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