Aaron Hernandez's Lawyer Claims He Could Have Been Murdered

Jose Baez, Aaron Hernandez's lawyer, has just launched an investigation on behalf of the Hernandez family with claims that he in fact could have been murdered!

Whether or not it was carried out by inmates, or folks running the prison from the inside..they're not sure yet. However, they are not buying this "suicide" story.

The Hernandez family is devastated, and do not believe Aaron was in the state of mind to take his own life, says Baez.

Early this morning, Aaron Hernandez (left) was found hanging in his cell and it was then ruled a suicide. Many find this fishy, being that the 27 year old ex-NFL star was just acquitted in a double murder case on FRIDAY. Although he was still serving a life sentence already, his lawyer, Jose Baez (right), believed he had a real shot at getting that previous murder conviction overturned and was currently working on getting that done for him.

Lizette Love

Lizette Love

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