T.I. Goes OFF On Trump "Snoop Is A Legend You Tangerine Tanned Muskrat"

Earlier today (March 15), President Agent Orange Donald Trump tweeted his disapproval for the "Lavender" music video that Snoop Dogg starred in. In the visual, a person named President Ronald Klump was kidnapped and shot by the rapper

Gossip Cop reported: "The video takes place in a world inhabited by clowns and stars Michael Rapaport as a family man who’s pulled over in his car while smoking weed and shot dead by the police." The site continues: "The rapper’s lyrics criticize racial profiling by cops, with lines including, “Trying to keep from dying in these muthaf**kin’ streets / F**k the police / From a black man’s point of view… It’s all on camera and they still don’t believe you.”

Disliking the video, Trump tweeted: “Can you imagine what the outcry would be if @SnoopDogg, failing career and all, had aimed and fired the gun at President Obama? Jail time!” Read Trump's message about Snoop's video below.


Snoop has yet to comment about the matter. But, his homie T.I. already has. This isn't the first time that Tip has condemned the president, while refusing to bite his tongue. To be completely honest, though, this might be Tip's best Trump slander yet. After reading it, we were all like...

Read T.I.'s Instagram post slamming Trump for what he said about the O.G. Snoop below.

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