WATCH: Snoop Dogg Shoots A Clown Donald Trump In New Video

**WARNING: Explicit language**


UPDATE: Trump himself is blasting the performer, saying Snoop Dogg deserves “jail time” for targeting the president in an inflammatory music video. Snoop hasn’t yet responded to Trump’s apparent threat. It was reported on Tuesday that the Secret Service was aware of his music video, but it was unclear if a formal investigation was going to be launched.


Snoop Dogg targets Donald Trump and police brutality in a remix of BadBadNotGood’s track “Lavender.” 

The video takes place in a world inhabited by clowns and stars Michael Rapaport as a family man who’s pulled over in his car while smoking weed and shot dead by the police. The rapper’s lyrics criticize racial profiling by cops, with lines including, “Trying to keep from dying in these muthaf**kin’ streets / F**k the police / From a black man’s point of view… It’s all on camera and they still don’t believe you.”

Later in the video, Snoop Dogg watches a news conference with President Ronald Klump, who’s calling for the deportation of all dogs. The Trump surrogate is later kidnapped and chained up by the rapper, who points a gun at his head and gleefully smokes a blunt alongside him. The clip also features a commercial for Snoop Loops, the rapper’s very own brand of weed-flavored cereal, which he insists is “part of a balanced breakfast, b**ch.”

Snoop Dogg’s remix of “Lavender,” which also features Kaytranada, will be included on his upcoming album, Never Left, which is expected to drop in the next few months. Watch the music video above!

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