This Wax Figure Of Beyonce May Actually Be The Worst Ever In History

Beyonce has undeniably one of the most aggressive fan bases ever in life, and now a wax museum in Canada is about to learn that the hard way..

It all started when a Beyonce fan visited a wax museum in Canada, which featured an homage to Beyonce so offensive that she just had to share it on Twitter. The museum's Beyonce figure looks like Beyonce on a bad day, to put it a flight attendant for some reason..


Where do we even begin with this? The hair? The dress (Beyonce would NEVER!)? The FACE? This looks about as much as Beyonce as I do, seriously.

Not surprisingly, the BeyHive was DEEPLY offended by this one.. lol


OUCH. Seriously, they need to get rid of that thing. That is NOT our Beyonce!

This is pretty bad, however, let's not forget about R. Kelly's wax figure. LMAO



Lizette Love

Lizette Love

Originally from the West Coast -- I'm 28, Pisces, a mommy, latina. I LOVE Rihanna, Dr. Pepper & tacos. Probably the only person on earth with no tattoos and I carried hot sauce in my bag YEARS before Beyonce made it cool. #swag Read more


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