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How Much Money "Cash Me Ousside" Girl Makes Will Destroy Your Faith In Humanity

Are you ready to start crying yourself to sleep every night? Then proceed to get up in the morning and forcibly drag yourself to the job that you hate? What an awful life. You will hate your life more after you find out the crazy amount of money Danielle Bregoli aka the "cash me ousside" girl has been raking in ever since she appeared on Dr. Phil and became an instant viral sensation.

She no longer needs anyone to cash her ousside. She, in fact, can cash herself ousside..and cash herself to the bank...and to buy an endless amount of gold grills and chains & fancy cars- as she's been flaunting on social media.

Seriously..she's only 13 why does she need a nicer car than us... LOL (insert saltiness)

After her big Dr. Phil debut, Danielle was almost instantly turned into a meme that immediately went viral. Although the episode is quite old now, we still see her face plastered all over TMZ, and our facebook pages unfortunately, mostly for her continuing to act out in public now. She seems to be loving and is clearly taking advantage of all this new found fame and attention...not to mention the amount of money she's been making since her big debut.

From selling her own merchandise, even a $250 blanket with her face plastered on it, to meet & greets around the country (and OUT of the country)..which is where she's bringing in the cash!

I don't think you guys are ready to find out exactly how much this girl makes, this THIRTEEN year old girl, ONE, THREE, for a meet & greet.


Danielle "Cash Me Ousside" Bregoli is currently making $30,000 PER MEET AND GREET. She's also requesting a whopping $40,000 for meet & greets outside of the country.  Yes, you read that corrently.

Danielle is set to appear at the Rolling Loud Music Festival in May, where she's reportedly supposed to make MORE than $40,000.

Now let's all try to move forward an continue our lives that we all hate. :)

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