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PIC: Construction Worker Accidentally Shot His MANHOOD With A Nail Gun

***WARNING: There is a photo below that is mildly graphic.***

Construction workers face all kinds of on-site dangers every day, and unfortunately for one builder in Wales, he had a pretty bad accident. 

Sam Rees was using a nail gun when he mistimed pulling the trigger, sending a nail right into his crotch. His friend and boss Mathew was able to take a photo of the aftermath.

Mathew told England's Mirror, "For want of a better phrase, the nail was pretty much through his d**k." As bad as the injury was, it could've been a lot worse. Mathew added, "He was very, very lucky. If it had been any closer the doctors said it would have gone straight through one of the main arteries." 

As for the 22-year-old Sam, he was pretty much unfazed when the accident happened. 

Mathew explained, "He came over to me and said he'd shot himself. It's something that shouldn't happen, and at first I couldn't see anything. And then I saw it. I just went white. I said to him, 'Jesus, what's that?' I couldn't believe it. He wasn't crying or screaming in pain or anything, he was just dead calm."

Sam even asked if he should pull it out himself, but Mathew told him not to because it could make things worse. Instead, he went to the hospital and after the nail was surgically removed, Sam made a full recovery.

Photo Credit: Getty

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