Here's A GoFundMe To Help The Victims Of The Bowling Green Massacre

I'm sure we've all heard by now the horrible news of the Bowling Green Massacre that happened inside of Kellyanne Conway's mind. Yes, this really happened..Kellyanne Conway made up a WHOLE terrorist attack. And the internet is having fun with her today. That being said..there is now a GoFundMe up & running to help out the fake victims with any non-existent medical expenses and things of that nature. :)

Donate & help us reach our goal of $12M *Dr. Evil voice* (or don't..because there are no victims lmao)..100% of the proceeds will go to everyone not affected by this.


Lizette Love

Lizette Love

Originally from the West Coast -- I'm 28, Pisces, a mommy, latina. I LOVE Rihanna, Dr. Pepper & tacos. Probably the only person on earth with no tattoos and I carried hot sauce in my bag YEARS before Beyonce made it cool. #swag Read more


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