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Ariana Grande Suing Forever 21 for 10 MILLION DOLLARS!!

Yikes so things really are not looking good for Forever 21. First, rumors that the company is preparing for bankruptcy and will likely be closing it's door to a lot of locations came out to the public last week.

And now, reports are saying that Ariana Grande is suing the company for $10 Million dollars in damages.

Here's how things went down. Forever 21 had pitched an idea for an endorsement deal which was turned down because the amount they were offering was not enough to use her name.

After Ariana turned down the deal at the end of 2018, Forever 21 decided to go ahead and make a campaign ad anyway with a ripoff, look-alike campaign, making it seem like they were working with her and like she was in on the deal.

They went as far as hiring a model that looked similar to Ariana

The claims are that Forever 21 created a false perception that Ariana was supporting the campaign which was not the case which is why now she's asking for that amount of money!

How is Forever 21 gonna cough up that amount of money??

Check out the images below! Thoughts??

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