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Backwards Running Man is Running From SF to New York!

Shadrack Anderson Jr. is 72 years old and on a mission!

You may have already seen him running along the side of the road along highway 1, he's not doing your typical running though..he's running backwards!!

He lives in Hawaii but started in San Francisco and he's making his way to New York!

Over the next nine months he will be running backwards from 10 to 12 miles a day!

And don't worry, his best friend follows him in an RV to make sure he is safe, now that's true friendship right!

This is so amazing! I wouldn't be able to run 12 miles a day at my 24 years, let alone backwards lol

If you see him running show him some love! He's an inspiration

Shadrack's wife also will be meeting up with him at different locations

I'm definitely inspired by this man & wish him all the best in his journey!

Stay tuned for an update when he completes his goal and makes it to New York!

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