Dakota Johnson Suffers Awkward Wardrobe Malfunction During Interview

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Dakota Johnson was forced to hold up her dress after suffering an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction when it "fell off" during a recent TV interview.

The Madame Web actress stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday (June 19) but their interview took a turn when one of the ornate floral straps holding up her black dress broke while talking about her film Daddio, per Entertainment Tonight. The wardrobe malfunction seemed to occur while a scene for the movie previewed to the audience, with the camera cutting back to reveal Johnson holding up one side of her dress.

"Dakota, your dress just came unhooked. Are you alright?" Kimmel asked. "Should I get some Scotch tape?"

However, the 50 Shades star decided to push through the rest of the interview, laughing and saying she'll "just hold it" while chatting with the host as she continued to hold up the top of her dress at her chest. Kimmel jokingly responded, "Just hold the important part, there you go."

Johnson is no stranger to unplanned moments in interviews. Earlier this year, she was in the middle of another interview when an earthquake shook Los Angeles, leaving her shocked but handling the quake with poise as continued to answer questions.

Watch how Johnson expertly handled the surprise wardrobe malfunction in the video below.

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