Former NFL Star Johnny Manziel Offers An Apology To Drake

Johnny Manziel & Drake

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Johnny Manziel has issued a formal apology to Drake and everyone else he let down following his exit from the league.

On Wednesday, February 21, Shannon Sharpe dropped his latest episode of Club Shay Shay featuring the former NFL star. During their conversation, Manziel discussed his fall from grace following his two seasons on the Cleveland Browns. Sharpe asked if the "Drake curse" affected him at all. The former quarterback was quick to deny that a curse involving his friend Drizzy existed.

“Who believes in curses like that?” Manziel replied. “That guy’s the most positive energy, great aura."

"Maybe he picks wrong sometimes in the people, teams or whatever it is or his bets, but that’s life, right?" he continued. "There is no curse. That’s to each his own, you know?"

Drake and Johnny became friends in 2014 towards the end of his college football career at Texas A&M University. Before he was drafted into the NFL, Drake released a song called "Draft Day" in which he shouts out Manziel in the first line of the chorus. "Johnny Football" became the No. 22 pick overall when he was selected by the Browns. However, he only made 14 appearances during his two-year career due to numerous controversies and legal issues. During the interview, Manziel actually apologized to Drake, LeBron James and everyone else he let down during his NFL career.

“I can even take it a step further and say in 2016, I don’t think I treated Drake the way that I should have with representing the clothes that I was wearing and his OVO brand and his label and everything," Manziel explained. "At that point in time, I was so selfish that I was dragging everybody that was tied to me through the mud."

“I’m not harboring on this in any kind of way," he added. "I’m just calling it exactly what it is and the way that I feel about it. I owe those people an apology and hopefully one day down the line, I’ll be able to have the opportunity as a man to be able to look him in the eye and be able to do that.”

Johnny Manziel and Drake are still close friends to this day. Last year, Drake invited the former NFL quarterback to walk out with him during his "It's All A Blur Tour" stop in Texas. Watch the full interview below.

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