Ed Sheeran Reveals He 'Secretly' Recorded Live Album In Fans' Living Rooms

Photo: Getty Images

Ed Sheeran has revealed that he's been secretly recording songs while visiting his fans' houses. On Tuesday, August 19th, the singer-songwriter took to Instagram to share that he'll be releasing a live album version of his previously announced project Autumn Variations.

"So I did some surprise pop up gigs in fans houses, secretly recording a live album of Autumn Variations where each song is recorded in a different fans living room, but all of it was a total surprise," he wrote alongside a video of him playing a piano in a fan's living room. Sheeran went on to tell the story of the visit in the post's caption.

"We got to @kariconaway ‘s house at the end of the day, and I instantly knew it was gonna be a fun one. They had cats, friendship bracelets and some fruit drinks to start, but once I’d played the Autumn song I said take me on a tour, and when I went into her room I saw a piano. She asked if I could play and I said ‘not really but I kinda play on wake me up’, so here I am playing Wake Me Up, for all the Plus fans out there," he wrote before revealing, "The fan living room live Autumn Variations album coming soon, proper album out 29th September."

It was also announced that Sheeran will be taking over iHeartLand in Fortnite for a special "Immersive Experience." The show, called "A Special Ed Sheeran Immersive Experience," will be available in Fortnite starting on October 5, 2023, through October 9, 2023. 

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