Ja Rule Slams ESPN for Milwaukee Bucks Halftime Performance Tweet

Ja Rule demands ESPN fire the person who mocked his Milwaukee Bucks halftime show on Twitter

It was like the Fyre Festival of NBA halftime shows, and we’re not just saying that because both embarrassing fiascoes involved Ja Rule. 

Back in the olden days of 2019, when there wasn’t a terrible pandemic and people could gather to watch basketball, the rapper performed at a '90s night for a Milwaukee Bucks game, even though he awkwardly acknowledged to the crowd that he was a 2000s artist.

“Are you ready?” Ja Rule yelled to rally up the crowd — to a deafening silence. “I guess not,” he replied. 

To make matters seem worse, the Bucks started taking practice shots before Ja Rule’s set was finished.

Now, thanks to the same internet that prevents embarrassing moments from ever dying, Ja Rule issued a five-tweet (at the moment) response that labeled ESPN's conduct as "unprofessional," while alleging that they were trying to "discredit" him. He also called for whoever's responsible to be fired, and continued by saying the issue during the halftime in question was technical in nature. Finally, he threw in some emojis of his own (sideways crying and clown), and accused them of slander and defamation.

Read everything he's had to say thus far and then, if he adds more, we'll update:

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