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Nick Cannon fired by ViacomCBS over 'anti-Semitic' comments

The media company announced that they have cut ties with the 39-year-old, who hosts the MTV show "Wild 'N Out," after the June 30 episode of the actor'sYouTubeseries, "Cannon's Class," featuring Public Enemy rapper Richard "Professor Griff" Griffin, raised a few eyebrows.

In the YouTubevideo, Cannon and Griffin discussed conspiracy theories including those about Jewish people.

Cannon said that Black people are the "true Jews" and shared his belief that Black people are "Semitic people."

"You can't be anti-Semitic when we are the Semitic people," he said. "That's our birthright. So if that's truly our birthright, there's no hate involved."

He also stated that white people are "a little less" than Black people because they lack melanin in their skin, among other comments.

a ViacomCBS spokesperson said, "ViacomCBS condemns bigotry of any kind and we categorically denounce all forms of anti-Semitism."

"We have spoken with Nick Cannon about an episode of his podcast 'Cannon's Class' on YouTube, which promoted hateful speech and spread anti-Semitic conspiracy theories," their statement continued. "While we support ongoing education and dialogue in the fight against bigotry, we are deeply troubled that Nick has failed to acknowledge or apologize for perpetuating anti-Semitism, and we are terminating our relationship with him."

The media company added that it is "committed to doing better in our response to incidents of anti-Semitism, racism, and bigotry" and said it will release more on its "efforts to combat hate of all kinds."

Before Cannon's firing, the father of two issued a statement taking accountability for his comments and urging others to not shy away from "uncomfortable conversations."

"Anyone who knows me knows that I have no hate in my heart nor malice intentions. I do not condone hate speech nor the spread of hateful rhetoric," Monday's statement read. "I hold myself accountable for this moment and take full responsibility because My intentions are... to show that... we have way more commonalities than differences."

Nick is also firing back at ViacomCBS after it dropped him for making anti-Semitic comments -- and he's now claiming it's the media giant that's being divisive, not him ... and he has a list of demands.

"The Masked Singer" host responded to Viacom's decision Wednesday morning, saying, he's "deeply saddened" the company "misused an important moment for us to all grow closer together and learn more about one another" and, instead ... he claims it's trying to "make an example of an outspoken black man."

Cannon vows to not be bullied or silenced, and says Viacom "does not understand or respect the power of the black community."

over his comments on his podcast "Cannon's Class" ... where he openly espoused Anti-Jewish, and clearly divisive, rhetoric from Farrakhan He got a ton of backlash online, and then Viacom dropped the hammer, but Nick alleges the pot's calling the kettle black.

Cannon says ... "I honestly can’t believe that Viacom has such poor council that would allow them to make such a divisive decision in the midst of protests and civil uprising within our current pandemic. Truly an unwise decision."

He goes on to say he hoped his comments could lead to reconciliation and he could "use this moment to show healing and acceptance" ... but claims Viacom has no interest. He also accuses the media giant of banning all advertising that supportedGeorge FloydandBreonna Taylor.

Nick acknowledges he's had an incredibly successful past with Viacom -- including his Nickelodeon days and the creation of 'Wild 'N Out,' but says the company is "now on the wrong side of history."

He did apologize "if I have furthered the hate speech" ... but also makes it clear he's gonna fight for "full ownership of my billion-dollar 'Wild ‘N Out' brand that I created, and they will continue to misuse and destroy without my leadership! I demand that the hate and back door bullying cease and while we are at it, now that the truth is out, I demand the Apology!"

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