[SPOILERS AHEAD] Spider-Man will get some much-needed extra muscle in the form of Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal), supposedly an old friend of Fury's. Mysterio was rumored to be a villain, and he could still become one, in fine comics tradition. But for now, he's being set up as a possible heroic successor to Iron Man. We learn from this new trailer that he's actually a powerful being from another universe—actually, he's from Earth, "just not ours," per Fury. That's right, we're finally in multiverse territory with the MCU, as Thanos' snap apparently tore a hole between dimensions.

Mysterio isn't the only entity that came through, either. This time around, Spidey and company will be battling the Elementals, extra-dimensional humanoid beings who are (a) immortal and (b) wield power over natural forces. Their leader is Hellfire, who generates flames. We also catch glimpses of what appears to be Hydron (with the ability to control water) and Magnum (who controls earth). Zephyr, who controls air, rounds out the fearsome foursome.

Peter isn't convinced he's the right superhero for the job, but Thor, Captain Marvel, and the rest are off on other missions, it seems. Besides, "Bitch, please, you've been to space," Fury reminds him. "Are you going to step up or not?" He's Spiderman. Of course he'll step up.

Spiderman: Far From Homehits theaters on July 2, 2019.

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