Justin Bieber Is Making "Unwashed Hair" A Trend

Justin Bieber has been rocking a very lazy-esque look lately, is it intentional or is he just being a little careless? Who really knows, but it apparently is becoming a little trendy! This according to GQ. They are calling his look, and his hairstyle "dirt core"..and even gave tips on how to achieve this "un-washed" look for ones hair................................


Interested in looking like you just rolled out of bed?


Joseph Maine, a hairstylist in residence at Manhattan's very tony Serge Normant salon, suggests using a dollap of Jergen's sunblock! “Because his ends look unwashed, a little chunkier, something like sunblock dirties up the hair but dries somewhat matte," Maine says. "You just apply a little out of the shower while your hair’s still wet.”

Who knew that with all these "I'll just use dry shampoo" days, I was actually being trendy. LMAO 

Lizette Love

Lizette Love

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