Brazilian Model Spent $50k On Plastic Surgery To Look Like Nicki Minaj!

Meet 19 year old Karen Havary, a Brazilian model who has taken her obsession with Nicki Minaj to a whole other level. Apparently, the teen has spent $50k in plastic surgery to look like her idol, Nicki herself.


It seems like she was only worried about looking like Nicki Minaj in the body, not so much her face. Although her face SOME WHAT KIND OF RESEMBLES Nicki, maybe from certain angles, it looks like the surgery focus was mostly on the body. The 19 year old even decided to go a little bigger than the rapper it looks like. According to MTO, Nicki Minaj's booty measures at 46 inches, Karen's on the other hand, measures at 60 INCHES. 

That's a lot of booty.

Lizette Love

Lizette Love

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