Nashville Area Producer Tay Keith On Producing For Drake's "Scorpion"

Ever since Drake hopped on Blocboy JB's hit record "Look Alive", produced by MTSU's Tay Keith, he's continued to build a personal relationship with the Memphis producer to give him that "Memphis" sound he loves. Drake, who's father is from Memphis, wanted to get in touch with his Memphis roots on his new album "Scorpion", so of course he worked once again with Tay Keith to make that happen!

"After 'Look Alive,' I just kept sending him beat packs," Tay Keith explained. "I just kept cooking up that specific type of sound and sending him packs. He chose [the 'Nonstop' beat] as he was wrapping up the album. You know, he wanted that Memphis slap."


He continued to explain that him and Drake have of course a business relationship (CLEARLY LOL)..but they also have built a personal relationship as well because it's way easier to work with someone when you actually know them. Who wants to pick and pull beats from a stranger? That's not how Drake works.

Drake's record "Nonstop" produced by Tay Keith is now at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100, this is Tay Keith's second top 10 with Drake!

Lizette Love

Lizette Love

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